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During my PhD, my main advisor and co-director was Sylvie Gourlet-Fleury, head of the team Dynamics of natural forests, a research unit of the CIRAD (Centre for International Research in Agronomy and Development) in Montpellier. My PhD director was Sandra Lavorel, chief of the team Functional traits and dynamics of alpine ecosystems, a research unit of the LECA (Laboratoire d'ÉCologie Alpine) in Grenoble. I mainly worked in Paracou, an experimental set up dedicated to the study of the ecosystems of French Guiana. I also conducted teaching, practical courses and field trips at Montpellier II University.

Softs (free)


  • R
The R Project for Statistical Computing: a complete environment for statistics and graphics. Lots of packages are available for all kind of analysis.
  • OpenBugs
BUGS (Bayesian inference Using Gibbs Sampling) is a piece of computer software for the Bayesian analysis of complex statistical models using Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods (can be used with R).
  • Scilab
Scilab: a scientific program for numerical computation, similar to Matlab, but free and open source.
JabRef : open source program written in Java to manage reference databases. Uses BibTex format and others.
LaTable : WYSIWYG table editor for LaTex, produces code for inclusion in .tex files (Windows only...!).

 Text and code edition

  • Tinn-R
Tinn-R: Small, simple and efficient editor for script wrinting with R, but also for HTML for instance. Deeply integrated with R.
  • TexMaker
TexMaker: TeX editor integrating a specialized editor for document writing in LaTex. Includes assistants for table and matrix edition,... Multi-OS.
  • CodeBlocks
CodeBlocks: Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for C/C++ essentially.

 File process

  • Imagemagick
Imagemagick: a free software suite to create, edit, and compose images. Useful to convert images to postscript and eps files.
XnView: visualizer, browser & powerful multimedia converter. Allows simple manipulatuion of images.
A small program in Perl to convert postcript files in eps format. Very useful to avoid bounding box troubles!
Eps2pdf: a light program to convert series of eps files in pdf format. Useful to produce pdf documents with PdfTex.

 Web tools

Here is a list of free programs used to build and run this site:
Simple Picture Gallery Manager: in PHP, easy to customize.
  • GalleryMage
GalleryMage: light program in Java to generate image galleries.
  • Dotclear
Dotclear: program in PHP to run a blog.
  • Magpie
Magpie: parser in PHP to display RSS feeds.
  • Feed2Js
Feed2js: free service to parse RSS feeds on a site, based on Magpie.


  • Aneco
Specialized in gaz sampling and measurement for industrial equipment.
  • Working For Water
Association for waste recycling in sports and cultural events.
  • Working For Water
Program for development and biological fight against invasive species in South Africa.