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Costs of persistence and the spread of competing seeders and sprouters
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Journal of Ecology, Vol.96(4), pp.679-686.
Journal of Ecology, vol.96, #4 
Can functional classification of tropical trees predict population dynamics after disturbance?
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Journal of Vegetation Science, vol.19, n#2 
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Local disturbance, forest structure and dispersal effects on sapling distribution of light-demanding and shade-tolerant species in a French Guianian forest
Flores O., Gourlet-Fleury S., Picard N.
Acta Oecologica, 2006, 29(2), pp.141-154.
  Acta Oecologica, 29(2) 
Hierarchical Bayesian models of sapling density in a tropical rainforest
Flores O., Mortier F., Dessard H., Gourlet-Fleury S.
soumis à Ecological Modelling.
Diversité spécifique et regroupement d'espèces arborescentes en forêt guyanaise
Blanc L., Flores O., Molino J.-F., Gourlet-Fleury S., Sabatier D.
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  RFF, 2003 
Shade-tolerance and dispersal of non-pioneer tropical rain forest tree species: is there a competition colonization trade-off?
Flores O., Blanc L., Mortier F., Molino J.-F., Newbery D.N., Gourlet-Fleury S.
soumis à Ecology.
Canopy structure from above and below: relations between hemiphots and Ikonos image.
Flores O., Trébuchon J.F., Gond V., Gourlet-Fleury S.
en préparation.
Simulated Effects of climate and atmospheric CO2 concentration on C3-C4 balance in intertropical African Highlands
Flores O., Jolly D.
en préparation.
Floristic diversity of a riverine swamp forest in Mpumalanga, South Africa: pattern and partitioning
Flores O.
en préparation.


I defended my PhD in Population Biology and Ecology in October 2005:

Regeneration determinism of fifteen tropical tree species in French Guiana: effects of the environment and of dispersal limitation.

The full document is available in French from the following link (8.5Mo).  Pdf


Capacités de dispersion et de migration de Protéacées d'Afrique du Sud  (2001, Dispersal and migration capacities of South African Proteaceae species, in French) Pdf
Study on dispersal and migration abilities of six Proteaceae species in the fynbos of the Cape region (South Africa) through inverse statistical modeling of seedlings densities (Master's degree report)
Vegetation survey in a swamp forest of Mpumalanga, South Africa (2001) Pdf
Botanical and environmental survey of a remote South African swamp forest in a catchment (Master's degree minor report)
Contribution to the study of atmospheric dust sources: a mineralogical approach (1998) Pdf
Report on an essay of soil mineralogy characterization in arid regions, a contribution to the article by T. Claquin, M. Schulz and Y.J. Balkanski:Modeling the mineralogy of atmospheric dust sources. Journal of Geophysical Research, Vol.104 (D18), p.22243-22256
Le réseau hydrographique lyonnais du Néogène au Quaternaire (1997) Pdf
Bibliographic report (in French) on the evolution of the river system in the region of Lyon (France), based on works of Pierre Mandier (geographer, specialist of Quaternary geomorhology)